Love is an indelible ink in the skin of our souls, marking us for life. Just like a tattoo, it is a permanent reminder of the beauty and pain that come with the journey. Shanelle and Milky are two people with opposite personalities, but share the same passion for music, art, and adventures.

These two individuals are true adventurers, with an innate ability to forge meaningful connections with those they encounter on their journeys. Their vibrant energy and authentic personalities draw people to them, creating an instant connection that is both genuine and lasting.

Shanelle and Milky Macapayag

The tattoos adorning their skin tell a tale of their journey, a visual representation of the people they’ve met along the way and the places they’ve ventured to. Their wedding was a testament to their vibrant personalities as guests from all walks of life, hailing from different corners of the world, congregated in celebration.

Despite their varied backgrounds and diverse experiences, each individual emanated the same vibe, resonating with Milky and Shanelle’s unique energy. The wedding was a reflection of the journey that brought them to this point, a culmination of their shared experiences and the memories they’ve made together

Photographer: Ed Millard Photography | Video: Tan Suezo Films | HMUA: Jay M. Garcia | Emcee: Grachelle Gregorio-Andoy | DJ: Bookee Quiblat | Planning and Coordination: HM Events | Venue: Casa De Canitoan 

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