In the midst of the breathtaking mountain ranges of the Philippines, two adventurers set their sights on the highest peak in the country. Little did they know that this climb would lead to a monumental moment in their lives.

As Dim and Jai trekked through rocky terrain and faced daunting obstacles, the couple relied on each other for support and encouragement. The steep climb demanded physical strength and mental endurance, but their love for each other pushed them forward.

Finally, after a grueling ascent, they reached the summit. As they stood at the highest point in the Philippines, gazing out at the stunning views below, the adventurer turned to their beloved and got down on one knee.

At that moment, all the challenges they had faced during their climb paled in comparison to the sheer joy and elation they felt as they became engaged. They had conquered not just the mountain, but also any doubts or fears that may have stood in the way of their love.

As they made their descent down the mountain, hand in hand, the couple knew that they had found something truly special in each other. Their love had led them to the top of the world, and it would continue to guide them through any obstacle that lay ahead.

For Dim and Jai, their engagement on the highest peak of the Philippines will always serve as a reminder that love conquers all, even the toughest climb. The Hunger Games-like photos are superb! It’s like telling the whole world that they can do everything together.

Check out their Mt. Dulang-Dulang photos too, the 2nd highest point in the country.

Photographer: Levi Manzano Photography  |  Mt. Dulang-Dulang HMUA and Stylist: Jezs Dolor | Mt. Apo HMUA and Stylist: Pabz Chan | Coordination: Great Day Events Ph | Climb Organizer:  Easy Trail Outdoors  

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