Pastries To Go By Ryan Rigo

Pastries To Go is always on the Go.  

Pastries to go by ryan rigo cake
Pastries to go by ryan rigo cake

At Pastries To Go, they believe that great quality doesn’t have to come with a high price tag. That’s why they offer cakes and treats at a reasonable price, so you can enjoy your special day without breaking the bank. 

Their Story

In the midst of a pandemic, Ryan found an unexpected opportunity. After her dad tested positive for COVID-19, they were forced to isolate themselves for days. To pass the time, the family turned to their ancestral tradition of baking. Starting with brownies, they posted their creations on social media, and soon they had orders flooding in.

Before they knew it, they were selling their cakes and pastries in the market, and their business started to grow. On her nephew’s birthday, the narrator tried her hand at customizing a cake, and it was a hit. Visitors wanted to place orders for their own customized cakes.

From an unplanned and unexpected venture, the family’s baking business has now become a success. Their ancestral recipes from the early 70s have become a turning point for their business. The pandemic may have brought hardship, but it also brought an unexpected opportunity for him and his family.

Malaybalay City, Bukidnon, Philippines


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